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Mid Columbia Center for Living
Mental Health
Developmental Disabilities

Early Assessment and Support Alliance (EASA)—Ages 15 to 25 years
The purpose of EASA is to identify teens and young adults with symptoms of psychosis as early as possible, and to provide the most effective support and treatment so they can be successful. EASA offers outreach and specialized assessment, educational seminars, written material, consultation and problem solving. EASA also offers treatment and support from a team including a doctor, a nurse, mental health professionals, occupational therapist and school/work specialist with individual and family group therapy. For more information, please see our brochure and the program website.

Intensive Community-Based Treatment Services (ICTS)—Ages 0 to 21 years
ICTS is based on system-of-care principles of family and partner involvement. It includes intensive services for children’s mental health needs, including Psychiatric Residential Treatment and Day Treatment. A youth needing intensive services will be referred for ICTS and will be assessed using a standardized tool (the CASII).

Medication Management
We have 3 psychiatrists on staff that assess, prescribe and monitor medications when indicated to help reduce psychiatric symptoms and improve functioning. Our nurse assists in monitoring, teaching and dispensing medications.

Northern Oregon Regional Correctional Facilities (NORCOR)
Mental Health counseling, referral and assessment services are available at the Regional Juvenile Detention Correction Facility Complex. This program is funded by NORCOR to provide assistance and intervention for inmates with mental health needs and provide referrals to treatment.

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