About Us

About Mid-Columbia Center for Living

Mid-Columbia Center for Living (MCCFL) is a recovery-oriented, trauma-informed service provider for persons with mental health and substance abuse issues. Our mission is to provide comprehensive and culturally sensitive services in the least restrictive setting.

Well… that’s quite a mouthful. What, exactly, does that mean?


Our focus is on your recovery, whatever that looks like to you. (And if you don’t know, that’s fine – we’ll help you figure it out!) We’re not interested in wasting your time on things that aren’t important to you, and we don’t believe your therapy should go on for years. The playwright Tony Kushner wrote, “The world only spins forward.” We believe the best way to recover is to focus on where you want to be – and we’ll help you work to get there.


We’re not interested in what’s wrong with you. (In fact, we don’t think there’s anything wrong with you!) Instead, we’re interested in what happened to you. You’ve been through a lot, and MCCFL is a good and safe place to “unpack” some of that. We have a clear understanding of how trauma can affect an individual, and we use that knowledge to inform our work with you.


The word comprehensive is defined as, “complete; including all or nearly all elements or aspects of something.” We offer a wide variety of services, clinicians and approaches to assist you!

Culturally Sensitive

Inclusivity is an important part of who we are. We understand that a person’s culture is integrated into how they experience the world, and in our work with you we remain mindful of where you are coming from.

MCCFL seeks to become ever more consumer-involved, consumer-engaged and consumer-driven. We also seek to increase our trauma-sensitive services through participation in the community-wide adaption of The Sanctuary Model over the tri-county (Hood River, Wasco and Sherman) area. The seven principles of Sanctuary are 1) Non-violence, 2) Emotional Intelligence, 3) Social Learning, 4) Democracy, 5) Open Communication, 6) Social Responsibility, and 7) Growth and Change. These principles guide and inform our work with you and also with each other.

MCCFL is a Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC)

Mid-Columbia Center for Living was recently designated a CCBHC as part of a two-year demonstration program through the US Department of Health and Human Services and the State of Oregon. This program is part of a comprehensive effort to integrate behavioral health with physical health care, and it has the opportunity to dramatically improve healthcare in our communities.

As part of this integrated approach to behavioral/physical health, MCCFL is engaging and improving access for underserved populations in our local communities including Veteran, Hispanic/Latino, and Native American residents. We’re excited to embrace this new and innovative approach in assisting our clients to improve and maintain their health and, in turn, impacting positively the health of our communities.