Press Release CDDP Transition of Services

Re: Community Developmental Disabilities Program (CDDP) Transition of Services

The purpose of this press release is to provide accurate information about the Community Developmental Disabilities Program (CDDP) transition happening in Hood River, Wasco and Sherman Counties.

As the current CDDP, Mid-Columbia Center for Living’s (MCCFL) contracted role is to provide eligibility determination, case management, licensure of Foster Homes and protective service investigations for persons with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD). This important administrative role is being transitioned to another Provider through an Office of Development Disability Services (ODDS) contract. MCCFL is financially unable to support these vital services to the degree needed by the community and so another agency will take over these duties within 60 days. MCCFL’s current operating costs for the CDDP program exceed state funding and MCCFL is facing financial hardship.

More than just clients to MCCFL, people with IDD are our neighbors, family members and citizens of our community. Our existing CDDP staff are dedicated, hardworking and compassionate professionals. We acknowledge the decision to transition our contract after many years of serving the community  is painful, sad and ill-timed; especially during CovId restrictions. MCCFL has strong relationships with other IDD community partners and hears the concerns they share and face with this transition.

CDDP services are not being cut or eliminated in any way in our three counties. Our current CDDP contract with DHS does not affect Local Brokerage, Foster Care, or Home Care Services that are under other contracts; nor does it impact IDD client Medicare funding. To minimize disruption MCCFL has asked ODDS to transition both the program duties and our existing professionally trained staff together. ODDS already have other interested providers they are considering for a new CDDP contract. MCCFL is not involved in ODDS’ decision to select the next CDDP Provider. ODDS will notify MCCFL when the new Provider has been selected. Until new information arrives, MCCFL will continue to listen to community feedback and work to minimize the challenges that arise out of this unfortunate and ill-timed change.

Our goal continues to be assisting in the transition of case management services for the IDD local community, community partners and ODDS until the transition of services are completed. We realize these are extremely difficult times and we are committed to keeping our community informed. Thank you for your patience and understanding as MCCFL assists in the transition of our IDD clients and their services.