Enhanced Care Services (ECS)

Enhanced Care Services (ECS)and Enhanced Care Outreach Services (ECOS)

The ECS and ECOS programs provide integrated care to individuals who struggle with complex medical and psychiatric issues. These services are provided at Hood River Care Center (HRCC) a nursing home and MCCFL office at Woods Court. An interdisciplinary team of mental health staff, psychiatrist, nurses, CNAs, Primary Care Providers, social services department and APD case manager meet weekly to staff every individual in the program.

Eligibility for ECS is determined by coordinators located in Salem out of the DHS APD and Health Solutions programs who then disseminate referrals to MCCFL and HRCC.

Criteria for admittance are:

  • Documented chronic mental illness
  • History of psychiatric hospitalizations
  • History of failed community placements
  • Residence in an APD licensed facility (nursing homes, adult foster homes, assisted livings and residential care facilities)


Two of the following symptoms must be demonstrated:

  • Self-endangering behaviors
  • Physical aggression
  • Intrusiveness
  • Intractable psychiatric symptoms
  • Problematic medication needs
  • Sexually inappropriate behaviors
  • Elopement behaviors

Services provided to clients:

  • Quarterly Mental Health Assessment and Service Planning
  • Positive Behavior Support Strategies
  • Daily group therapy of social skills, symptom management, cognitive enhancement etc.
  • Weekly individual community integration activities
  • Monthly group community integration activity
  • Monthly medication management with psychiatrist
  • Weekly IDT staffing
  • Mental health staff/supports available 7 days a week 8 hours a day

For referral information contact:
Ceec Connelly
Clinical Supervisor of Enhanced Care Services
Office: 541-386-2620
Cell: 541-965-1866