Intensive Community-Based Treatment Services (ICTS)

Intensive Therapeutic Care Coordination Services (ITCCS)

Intensive Therapeutic Care Coordination Services (ITCCS) are based on system-of-care principles of family and partner involvement. They include intensive services for children’s mental health needs and the overall functioning of the family system. ITCCS treatment usually involves direct individual therapy with the child as well as family therapy and skills training. All of these services are designed to be provided within the community of residence (in the home, at school etc.).

A child being referred for intensive services will be assessed by the Child and Family supervisor and program manager before entry into the program. The assessment incorporates holistic information on the child, within the context of his/her family and social ecology, assessing across six key dimensions: risk of harm (including trauma issues), functional status, co-occurring conditions, recovery environment, resiliency/response to services, and involvement in services. Unless special accommodations are made directly with the Child and Family supervisor or program manager, referrals to the ITCCS program should be made by the child’s acting outpatient therapist.