Housing Access and Support Program (HAS)

Housing Access and Support Program (HAS)

-A partnership with Mid-Columbia Housing Authority(MCHA)

    Housing Access and Support (HAS) is a tenant-based rental assistance program specifically for individuals who are very low and low income, have a serious mental illness, and who meet the following eligible priorities:

  • Individuals who are transitioning from the Oregon State Hospital
  • Individuals who are transitioning from a licensed residential setting
  • Individuals without supportive housing who are at risk of re-entering a licensed residential or hospital setting
  • Individuals who are experiencing homelessness or at risk of experiencing homelessness

Applications for HAS are accepted on a referral basis from a social service provider, and approved individuals are added to the wait list. The HAS Team works alongside the individual to obtain and sustain safe and stable housing. Once housing is obtained, ongoing support and contact occurs through monthly in-home visits (or more if needed) to assure the home is appropriately maintained and basic needs are met.

HAS funds can be used in Hood River County, Sherman County, or Wasco County in Oregon.  If the tenant receives any source of income (ie: Social Security/Disability, Employment, Family Support, etc.) 30% of that income is the tenant’s responsibility for rent/utilities. If no income is available, HAS can fund a maximum of $726 per person (both utilities and rent not to exceed $726).
Additionally, a one-time allotment of up to $1000 is available to help address any barriers to housing (ie: Application Fees, Deposits, Past due housing bills, etc.).

FAQ: Housing Access and Support (HAS)

What are my responsibilities once on the HAS program?

Great Question! When looking for housing it is important you attend all scheduled appointments, express concerns and/or questions to Staff respectfully, and fill our applications honestly. Once housed, keep the unit in good condition, and comply with your lease. Please notify HAS if your income or family size has changed, or if you plan to move. Notify HAS if you have questions or concerns for your landlord. Please use the dwelling for only people on the lease. Allow inspections to occur as needed, as well as monthly home visits from the HAS Team.

Can I still obtain a Housing Choice Voucher (HCV)/”Section 8” if i am working with HAS?

YES! Because HAS is not a long-term subsidy, it is required that all individuals apply to the HCV waitlist with the goal of transitioning onto HCV in the future. If you do not qualify for the HCV waitlist, you are able to stay on the HAS Program

What restrictions are there on the type of rental I can find?

All rentals must pass the Housing Quality Standards Inspection (HAS), and rent cannot exceed the current Fair Market Rents (FMRs). You are able to seek out apartments, duplexes, houses, rooms, etc., however, there are some restrictions.

How long does it take to find housing?

Every person’s rental history and barriers to housing are different. There is not a set amount of time it takes to obtain housing, but active engagement with the HAS Team is beneficial. HAS does not seek out housing without your engagement or on your behalf

How long will I be on the waitlist?

Because housing individuals is different every time, there is not a set time frame allotted for the waitlist. We do our best to open up people as soon as possible, given the importance of obtaining housing