Intensive Case Management Program (ICM)

Intensive Case Management (ICM)

Intensive Case Management (ICM), through Mid-Columbia Center for
Living (MCCFL), is a clinician referred, voluntary program for Clients with
severe and persistent mental health issues (SPMI). The Client’s mental
health struggles severely impact their ability (which is not limited to)
meeting basic needs, maintaining medication compliance/managing
symptoms, attending and scheduling appointments, and/or connecting
to/advocating for services. These mental health struggles also impact an
individual’s functional limitations, impacting relationships, employment,
housing, and more.

ICM is an internal referral based on MH needs. ICM is a step before
Assertive Community Treatment (ACT), which is a lower level or care than
a treatment facility. Please utilize MH Peer Supports to address short-term
needs and/or light case management.

The goal of ICM is to help individuals decrease utilization of
hospitalizations or higher levels of care, increase enrollment in education
and employment, maintain medication compliance (when applicable),
decrease criminal activity and/or arrests, support and sustain safe and
stable housing, increase participation in recovery programs and supports,
obtain financial stability, and obtain self-sufficiency.

    ICM offers an array of supports for individuals based on identifying individual’s strengths, preferences, needs, and goals. Examples as follows:

  • Proving skills training to help meet basic needs in order to enhance
    quality of life
  • Promoting recovery principles and support through recovery
  • Fostering community integration and utilization of natural social
  • Educating and supporting individuals, family, and natural supports
    around mental illness, treatment, and recovery
  • Encouraging community and social engagement
  • Identifying risk factors regarding harm to self or other
  • Monitoring response to treatment, rehabilitation, and support
  • Linking to community supports to address physical, financial,
    educational, and other needs
  • Establishing self-sufficiency and empowerment
  • Collaborating with inter-agency and community partners for
    integrated care

The ICM Interdisciplinary Team

    The ICM interdisciplinary team at MCCFL consists of the following positions:

  • Case Managers (QMHA)
  • Peer Support Specialist (CPSS)
  • Psychiatrist
  • Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP)
  • Psychiatric Nurse (RN)
  • Care Coordinators / Medical Assistants (MA)
  • Clinician (LCSW)
  • ICM Supervisor (QMHP)