Supported Employment

Supported Employment

Individualized Placement and Support (IPS) Supported Employment is an evidence-based approach to help enrolled mental health clients who have mental health diagnoses to gain and retain competitive, part or full time employment of their choice. Supported Employment services are provided in Hood River, Sherman, and Wasco counties.

Individualized Placement and Support

    Individualized Placement and Support is founded on eight principles:

  • Zero Exclusion Criteria: every interested person is eligible
  • Competitive jobs are the goal: jobs that anyone can apply for, regardless of disability status
  • Employment services and mental health services are integrated
  • Benefits planning is offered
  • The job search happens rapidly
  • Employment specialists develop relationships with employers through multiple in-person visits to understand their business needs
  • Job supports are continuous
  • Preferences are honored

Rapid Job Search

Supported Employment services include rapid job search that occurs after the client’s career profile is compiled. Once a person finds employment, employment specialists offer individualized and time-unlimited follow along supports.

People who have access to Individualized Placement and Support are two to three times more likely to obtain a job.

No Cost to participating employers or program participants

Supported Employment services are provided at no cost to participating employers or program participants. Employers who choose to work with Supported Employment Programs may be eligible to participate in the Work Opportunity Tax Credit program.

Please visit our partner agency – OSECE – at and for more information on Individualized Placement and Support Employment Services.

For Individualized Placement and Support Contact:

Katie Stevens
541-296-5452 x4270