Solidarity against Racism

Dear Community Members,

MCCFL is saddened by the senseless death of a Black American in Minneapolis. Just as COVID-19 has brought about overpowering emotions of sadness, anger, fear and hopelessness, it has also opened our eyes to the ongoing racist ideology many in this country hold, giving rise to an insurgence of xenophobic attacks based on ethnicity. It has shown the racial inequities harming our black communities, exposing the structures, systems, and policies responsible for creating social and economic conditions that lead to poor health outcomes, health disparities, and lower life expectancy.

Our community must come together to dismantle racist ideology, discrimination, and brutality against people of color.
Our country must work together to combat further oppression and perpetuate the systemic barriers that exist to further race-related violence and stereotypes.

We stand in solidarity with the Association of Oregon Community Mental Health Programs (AOCMHP) in opposition to this continued violence against our citizens of color. There is hope in unity. There is hope in recovery. There is hope in strength as we stand together.


June Gower, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Mid-Columbia Center for Living