Warm Line

Mid-Columbia Center for Living Warm Line

MCCFL is sensitive to the needs of our community during this time of the Covid-19 crisis. A warm line has been developed to meet the needs of children and youth in our community during this challenging time.

A Warm Line is a non-crisis listening service for children, teens, and parents/guardians of children who may be struggling with emotional, behavioral, and mental health challenges.

This is a free service. You do not have to be a client with Mid-Columbia center for Living to use the warm line.

We have warm lines available in three counties. Select a flyer to find out more information.

Wasco County
Warm Line Flyer. Wasco County
Spanish Translation Warm Line-Wasco County

Hood River County
Warm Line Flyer. Hood River County
Spanish translation Warm Line-Hood River County

Sherman County
Warm Line Flyer. Sherman County
Spanish Translation Warm Line Flyer. Sherman County